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10 October 2009

Cigana looks and feels like a real cigarette. It simulates the same physical act of holding or smoking a cigarette.

Cigana does not emit second hand smoke, nor does it produce any ashes or foul odors. Smokers and those around won't have to smell like ashtrays any more.

Cigana does not fall into any smoking ban laws. As such, it is okay to smoke Ciganas at the office, home, car, restaurant, airport, bars etc.

Cigana is cost-effective. While regular cigarettes can cost around $10 a pack, the equivalent amount of Cigana costs just $4.20. This can save a-pack-a-day smoker a couple thousand dollars a year!

Cigana offers many convenient starter kits and accessories, including USB chargers, wall adapters, refreshers and extra batteries.

Cigana offers the following flavor cartridges: Apple, Cherry, Almond, Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla, Light Tobacco, Regular Tobacco and Menthol. If you can't decide and want to try them all, we offer an assorted flavor pack.

Cigana flavors also come in 5 different nicotine density levels to suit the smoker's preference: Extra High, High, Medium, Low and none (0 mg). Cigana Smokers Rejoice!

Thank you, For shopping with us...Henry's wife

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