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30 January 2012

New year, new hair: Chicago woman advocates for return to natural hairstyles, with a big chop first

New year, new hair: Chicago woman advocates for return to natural hairstyles, with a big chop first

28 January 2012

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has long been regarded as one of the best hair conditioning natural health products in the natural world.
Many people worldwide use coconut oil as their sole hair conditioning product as it is relatively cheap and gives remarkable results.
The benefits of coconut oil for your hair are numerous. Coconut oil helps keep your hair fully moisturised, it promotes full growth and creates strong hair whilst keeping the scalp free from flakes. Its main benefit comes from increasing the protein retention in your hair – allowing for fuller and stronger growth.
Whilst many companies use tiny amounts of virgin coconut oil in their high end products a lot of people are now turning to pure virgin coconut oil for the benefits it brings.
The key benefits of using coconut oil or even coconut oil cream in your hair can be exposed by looking at the chemical properties of coconut oil. Often people proscribe coconut oil as a remedy for hair loss - or at least to slow the onset of hairless and we can soon see why.

23 January 2012

How to Co-Wash Natural Black Hair

If you wear your hair natural, you are probably familiar with co-washing, or washing their hair with conditioner only. Conditioner washing avoids harsh results from frequent washing with shampoos and helps to keep natural black hair soft and manageable. Co-washing can be done as often as you'd like, even several times a day (this is a plus for natural hair wearers in the hot days of summer).

Oftentimes the question of "How do I co-wash my hair?" comes up. The answer would seem simple, but there are some steps you can take to get the most benefit from this technique and do it with ease.

* First, find a conditioner that works for your hair type.

* Get to know your ingredients. The long, hard-to-pronounce ingredients on the label can be overwhelming. But with familiarity, you can learn to spot which ingredients you want to keep and which you want to avoid. Ingredients like propylene glycol, cetyl alcohol and panthenol are common. Search online for ingredients lists. One such list can be found at

* Recommended: Purchase an extended shower head/hose. Handheld shower heads with variable sprays offer the best control for rinsing the hair and are often well worth the investment.

* Rinse the hair with warm water. Avoid water that is too hot (if it initially stings the back of your hand, it's too hot). Cleansing results from the action of water plus cleanser (shampoo and/or conditioner) and agitation (hand movements through the hair). Warm water will clean hair well while hot water can be damaging. While rinsing with water, gently comb your hair with your fingers.

* Apply your conditioner. This can be done in several ways. •Pour a line of conditioner into your hand (as opposed to pouring a dollop) and apply each line onto parted hair sections. Work the conditioner from the roots to the tips. Continue until all the hair is covered.
•Squeeze your normal amount of conditioner into a large bowl, preferably plastic. With the shower head, add water to the bowl and mix the water and conditioner well with your hands. Bend your head over the bowl. With a cup or other small container, scoop up some of the mix and pour it onto your hair. You can then lean further over into the bowl and wash your hair with your hands directly over the bowl if you'd like. This allows for even coverage, but note that the conditioner will be more dilute.
•Squeeze your normal amount of conditioner into a large clean spray bottle and mix with water. Shake well and spray liberally onto the hair. Again, this mixture will be more dilute than a direct application. This method is great for those who only have minutes to spare in the mornings. Make a large batch of diluted conditioner, spray your hair and rinse out after bathing.
* Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb with rounded-edge teeth. This step is optional, as there remains a debate as to whether combing while wet does more damage to hair than combing while dry. It has been said that combing while wet can stretch the hair past it's longest point, thereby causing breakage. However, many who wear their hair natural report that combing while the hair is fully conditioned is the best time for them, as the hair is soft and pliable, leading to less breakage. In either case, comb hair gently by grabbing one small section at a time. Comb from the TIPS first, ensuring there are no snags then work your way to the roots. It's ok if you cannot comb from root to tip in one stroke. The main idea is to ease tangles and distribute the conditioner evenly.

* Allow the conditioner to set on your hair for at least a few minutes if possible. Both steam from the shower and the conditioner itself will work on your hair during this time. Give yourself a nice salt or sugar scrub while your hair is being conditioned.

* Rinse your hair well, again with warm water. Ease your fingers through each section while the water flows through to remove any remaining conditioner.

* Optional: Apply your hair products at this step -- while your hair is dripping wet. Many naturals swear by this technique and believe the best absorption is gained at this time. At the least, your product(s) can be more evenly distributed throughout your hair while it is sopping wet.

* It's time to dry. Just as with the application, there are several ways to dry your hair. •Dry with a towel. Avoid rubbing your scalp and hair with a towel at all costs! Instead, simply dab and pat your hair dry, or grab sections and squeeze excess water into the towel.
•Shake and go. Lay your towel across the back of your shoulders (lengthwise shoulder to shoulder). Grab the bottom corners of the towel and raise it up to your head, almost over your head. Think of Batman's cape raised up as he jumps off a tall building! With the towel raised, shake your head from side to side (ear to shoulder) and left to right (like saying no), shaking excess water into the towel. This is what I call the "no touch" method. Sometimes drying the hair directly with a towel can remove products you've just applied, even helping to separate your freshly-formed coils and spirals. You want your coils to group together to avoid the frizzies. This method is perfect for the warmer months when you possibly can afford to go longer periods with damp hair.
•Blow dry, but with care. When blow drying, the use of a diffuser is best. A diffuser will spread the heat from your dryer more evenly and minimize potential heat damage. You can find diffusers at most beauty supply stores at a minimal cost. If you do not have a diffuser, use the low heat or cool setting and blow dry from at least six inches from the furthest part of your hair. Remember, you are not trying to get the hair bone dry -- just dry enough to style and go out.
In summary, with the above methods you'll find shampooing your hair by co-washing is a great alternative to traditional shampooing which can strip your hair of much needed oils and moisture. With just a touch of practice, getting in and out of the shower with a clean head of hair will take less time than applying your makeup, and your hair will benefit greatly from it.

Elle Paris is the owner of My Natural which provides no-nonsense user reviews for hundreds of products for natural hair care.

My hair won't grow

This is one statement that I get a lot, and see a lot: “my hair won’t grow”. The reason why I am writing this is to let you know that this statement is not true. It is just not correct.
When you noticed that your hair won’t grow, there are basically two things that may happen:
•You have reached the terminal length – which is highly unlikely unless if you have really long hair, at waist level o even longer.
•You are not preserving you ends.
•You are not getting enough nutrients into your system (this is when biotin comes in)

Now, let’s talk a bit about the second factor which is most of the time the cause you are not retaining length – your hair ends. If you feel your hair roots and they feel really raveled or nappy and just feel that you need a relaxer every two or three months, that means that your hair is growing. The problem is that you are not preserving the length because of the hair ends. As you know the ends are the oldest parts of your hair and the most vulnerable.

So, if you don’t see your hair length increasing in a month or two that means that as fast as your hair is growing, your ends are breaking. Thus, the length remains the same, even though your hair keeps growing day by day. You need to moisturize your ends! There are a lot of great products on the market that really help a lot. After moisturizing you can also use oil in order to preserve to moist even better.

Regarding the third bullet point, I always said that nutrition is very important for a healthy body and also a healthy hair. Biotin continues to be the most important vitamin you can think of when it comes to hair growth rate. Biotin can compensate for the lack of nutrients and vitamins that for some reason you just can get into you system. Remember that your hair and nails are the last parts of your body in line for getting the nutrients after the vital organs like your heard, brain, muscles and so on. Biotin is great for hair growth so I definitely recommend it if you are not happy with the current condition of your hair.

Christine is the owner and editor of Biotin Hair Growth dot com a website covering biotin topics ranging from what biotin is to biotin side effects.

22 January 2012

How to Avoid Getting Matted Afro-Textured Hair

Matted hair is an enemy to gaining length and retaining that length on afro-textured hair. Getting tangles at the root, middle and ends of hair are big problems for afro- textured hair. I am going to teach you in three easy steps how to avoid getting matted afro textured hair.

1.Detangle Hair Daily Before Retiring: When wearing your hair in loosened styles such as twists outs, braid outs, and puffs, be sure to finger comb them at night before retiring. Gently rake your finger tips through the style to remove any tangles. Make sure to go from root to tip or from your scalp to the ends of your hair. If possible, try to gently and loosely place the free and loose hair into large sections. Secure the hair with a satin or silk scarf. Retire for the evening.

2.Address Small Tangles Immediately: Small tangles only become larger tangles if you ignore them. As with any problem or challenge, the sooner you nip it in the bud or address it, the better it is for you in the long run. A tangle usually begins with a broken hair or hair that has shed and mixed in with some type of styling product or even lint or dirt. If you can't address the tangle right then, try to keep the addition of any styling product to a minimum.

3.Do Not Increase the Tension or Tightness of a Tangle: Rushing to get ready for your work or school day or for an evening event may not leave time for you to provide the attention your hair needs. If you have tangles in your hair that you cannot address at that moment, try to fix your hair using your fingers. Try not to use a brush or comb to smooth the hair down when you have a tangle in your hair. Why not? If you brush or comb your hair and smooth it up to the tangle, you run the risk of squeezing the tangled hair even more tightly together. In addition to this, any residual product that is intertwined within the tangled hair will be pressed down and will spread out to engulf more of the tangled hair into the knot.

By keeping your eye on tangles when they start, addressing them immediately, or styling to not make them tighter, this should go along way in helping you to avoid getting matted afro-textured hair.

Would you like to know more about the care and feeding of beautiful afro-textured hair? Stop on by at


19 January 2012




18 January 2012

Natural Hair Myths and Healthier Hair

Healthier Hair
The improved blood flow helps keep your hair stronger and healthier, Dixon says. This blood, full of nutrients, stimulates the hair follicles and promotes growth. “Exercise is also a big stress reliever,” she says. “Lower stress means your hair is less likely to be brittle and, worse, fall out.” Even if you’re as stress free as a cucumber, Dixon recommends checking with your dermatologist about any hair loss to rule out other causes.

As for the best type of exercise for your skin, Dixon says it’s all good. “Every modality will improve circulation and reduce stress,” she says, “but it’s a wise move to mix up your workouts as often as possible.” Try adding 30 minutes of a few simple yoga postures or a brisk walk to your day three times a week, Dixon says, to see the beauty returns in your hair and skin.

Natural Hair Myths!
No. 1 - Natural Hair is Dirty - NOT TRUE, In fact, we women with natural hair wash our hair more often than women who aren't natural, because we must detangle our hair, condition our hair, keep our hair nice, etc. Natural hair is very clean and healthy!

No. 2 - Natural hair is not Manageable - Natural hair is very manageable. It isn’t that natural hair isn’t manageable; it’s that people refuse to learn how to manage natural hair. If you keep up with it, and play attention to you lovely curls, it will show you love back. Wash it, Condition it often, and keep it well moisturized and your curls will flourish and make you proud! WATER/WATER/WATER is key!

No. 3 - You must grease the scalp - Sorry, but this is not true! You do not have to grease your scalp often at all. Most of the time, this is the factor in our hair not growing, because the chemicals in the grease we tend to use clog our pores/scalps. (Bad Ingredients posted Below)Therefore, hair does not grow! Instead, use a natural oil, such as, jojoba oil/sebum. Our scalp produces this same type of oil and this oil will seep into our pores. It's natural, does not smell and will moisturized the scalp and hair perfectly!
Important: Many products you'll find in the ethnic hair care section of your local stores are full of ingredients that aren't the best for black hair

No. 4 - You must trim your hair Often - Nope, This isn't true! Only trim with your hair is splitting. You want to do this so the split does not reach to your scalp. You trim right about the split. There is a difference between hair breakage and slipping.
No. 5 - Natural hair grows Slowly & Does not grow Long - Natural hair neither grows more slowly nor more quickly than relaxed hair. Hair grows on average 1/2 an inch a month. What naturals must take into account is what is known as shrinkage. Yes, as we all know. Strinkage is a huge pain. Like a telephone cord, natural hair coils up tightly, making our hair look shorter than usual. The truth is all people, no matter race, hair grows at about 1/2 an inch a month. It's how you take care of your hair, whether you see this length.

No. 6 - Natural hair is not Accepted in the Workplace - There have been many cases on discrimination around the globe for us wearing the hair God has given us, but not all bosses are downplaying us, most workplaces accept it actually. There are plenty professionals with natural hair. Dreadlocks, twists, braids, etc. Such as doctors, lawyers, artists, business owners, physical therapists, etc. So do not let this myth stray you away from healthy hair.

No. 7 - Natural Hair Is Strong - Natural hair looks strong, which is why so many people accidentally abuse it with rough treatment. In reality, black hair is fragile and needs to be treated with the gentlest of care in order for it to flourish. Wide tooth combs, natural ingredients and your own fingers are the best tools and products for natural hair.

No. 8 - Natural Hair Is not Sexy - Oh Please Quit! Of Course it is. There are millions and trillions of pics to prove that!

No. 9 - You can not comb Natural Hair - Not True! Yes you can comb natural hair. How do you think we get parts in our hair?! You can comb natural hair at anytime. I would not recommend combing it when its dry. Only when it is full of condition and wet with water.

No. 10 - Anyone can go Natural - True! The only thing is that you have to cut off the damaged/permed/relaxed hair first, or you can transition into natural by many different hairstyles.

No. 11 - Men don't think Natural hair is Attractive - This myth is completely untrue. Many natural women say that they attract MORE attention since they’ve gone natural. I seriously have!
Yes, some women have had partners who were against the hair change, but some of these men changed their minds later on and now find the natural hair irresistible and very sexy.

How to Wash Hair and Minimize Tangles in Afro-Textured Hair

Many shampoo commercials show women washing their hair, on the top of their heads, rubbing it around with lots of soap and suds. Although it looks great, it can needlessly increase the amount of tangles in your precious, beautiful hair. I would like to challenge you to try to wash and condition your hair in a way to minimize the tangles

1.Detangle and section your dry hair with your fingers. If your hair is covered in gel, hair spray or is gummy from some other product, rinse your hair first to remove the top layer of product. The goal is to separate the hair in sections. Section your hair into 4-8 braids or twists. No combing or brushing.

2.Cleanse your hair. Dilute your shampoo or your soap in ½ cup of very warm water. Stir it around, pour over your head and rinse your hair. Squeeze your braids and or twists, and work the soapy water through the hair. Repeat until the suds run clean. No combing or brushing.

3.Condition your hair. Rinse the braids or twists with clean warm water. Place your conditioner directly on the braids. Unloosen each braid, rake the conditioner through it with your hands. Now use a wide tooth comb to detangle the first braid or twist, with the conditioner on it. Re-braid loosely.

4.Moisturize your hair. Rinse the conditioner from all the braids. Undo the detangled first braid. Add your leave in product. Work in the product. Style as usual.

This process should help you to minimize tangles when you wash and condition your hair.

Would you like to know more about the care and feeding of beautiful afro-textured hair? Stop on by at


17 January 2012

Black hair 101

This was a phrase that I would search for in my early days of researching about hair because I so wanted to grow my hair to lengths that I never had. I picked up some very important tips and tricks along the way that I want to share with you. When beginning your long hair journey, remember these step-by-step instructions. Please note that everybody’s hair differs. Some of these steps may seem strange at first, but they will be beneficial in the long run.
1.Cut your hair. Cut my hair? Yes, cut it. Whether your hair is natural or relaxed if you have split raggedy ends, you need to give your hair a nice trim before you start out. If it is uneven and ragged or some strands are longer than others just cut it. Split ends can never be repaired, they just keep on splitting up to the hair root. Just cut them off. Hair grows an average six inches per year, you will get back some of it this year if you treat your hair right.
2.Extend your relaxing session. If you used to relax your hair every ten weeks, extend it to twelve. You will have to learn how to embrace your two textures by using moisture and inventive hair styles. The important thing to note is that the longer your natural hair growth is the better it is for processing without overlapping the processing of your new growth and your previously relaxed hair.
3.Start going natural. Not back to your natural hair if that is not something that you want to do but back to natural products. This might prove to be the best thing that you ever do for your hair. Petroleum, mineral oil and similar products do not promote hair growth. Natural products like carrot, molasses, eggs and natural oils can be better alternatives than the stuff that you get in bottles.
4.Dump fine tooth combs and hard brushes. Chuck them in the trash, anything that can snag your ends will do your hair little good.
5.Use only those products that are proven to work for you. Through trial and error many of us have come to discover certain products that we can’t do without. If they make your hair silkier and softer, why switch or experiment? Chuck the rest that are cluttering your cupboard, remember less is more.
6.Deep condition hair with heat every week. This used to be somewhat of a bother for me but it works. Find a good deep conditioner with protein and moisture balance and do it every week. You will see the difference after three or so weeks.
7.Stop shampooing your hair with commercial shampoos. Lather rinse repeat cannot be your mantra for black hair. Not all shampoos are created equal, some of them contain harmful chemicals and toxins that will strip hair and cause excess dryness. The ones that sud the most are the worst. Use regular conditioner to wash your hair instead, find a sulphate free shampoo or make your own hair products.
8.Relax. I am serious, do not be so stressed out, it will make your hair fall out. I had a friend who used to follow every hair tip I told her but her hair would still not budge. Then she got rid of her headache-inducing man and her hair began to grow like a weed.
9.Hair Food. Try to eat those foods which will enhance hair growth and retention. Some of them are foods which contain protein and iron, along with a well balanced diet, you are on the right track. Do not take so-called hair supplements from just any company. If you eat right and exercise you do not need to take supplements at all.
10.Water. Drink plenty of water it is like tonic to your hair, it is great to moisturize the hair from within.

Employ all of these ten steps and you will have your waist length hair. Hair grows an average of ¼ inch to ½ inch per month. It is up to you to retain this hair growth through healthy hair practices.

15 January 2012

Hair and Beauty Show's

America's Beauty Show - Chicago
March 3-5, 2012
For over 80 years, America's Beauty Show has been bringing you the best of the best in the beauty industry. ABS is created by local legends, showcases international icons and delivers your favorite suppliers.

International Congress of Cosmetics and Spa - Las Vegas
March 4-5, 2012
Another great chance so soak up some sun and get schooled about what's hot in the skin care industry, is the International Congress of Cosmetics and Spa in Miami Florida.
Guests walk away with endless ideas to apply in their spa, and tons of free samples!

The Makeup Show - Los Angeles
March 17-18, 2012
The Makeup Show is coming to LA! This show will bring together top brands and inspirational educators, for two amazing days of community, career and craft building events. There will be floor demonstrations, complimentary seminars, workshops and keynote forums presented by renowned makeup artists.

Esthetique Spa International - Las Vegas
April 15-16, 2012
The Esthetique Spa International in the largest even exclusive to aesthetic, spa and medi-spa professionals. This two-day event will showcase products from the beauty and cosmetic industries

IBS - New York
April 22-24, 2012

The International Beauty Show is the fastest growing beauty trade show in the nation. Get recharged with the latest trends, techniques, products and tools from more than 500 exhibitors. Stock up on your salon's needs at the longest running beauty show in the world.

International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa - New York
April 22-24, 2012

International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa New York hails as one of the largest events in the cosmetic and beauty product industry. At this 3-day blow-out you can view professional equipment, instruments and accessories for beauty and nail salons.

12 January 2012

What is Sulfur 8"

Sulfur 8 is a medicated hair and scalp conditioner that has been in use for over fifty years for elimination and control of scalp itching and flaking due to dandruff.

"Sulfur 8" is 2% sulfur. This is important because the hair is composed of keratin which is held together by sulfur bonds. Sulfur is also important in the body for the growth of hair, bone and nails. So, yes, "Sulfur 8" will probably stimulate hair growth with regular use. Also, according to the label, it can be used for dandruff, 1-4 times daily, or as directed by a physician. For hair growth, it is recommended for daily use.

Now, for the downside. "Sulfur 8" contains: petrolatum, lanolin sorbitan trioleate, polysorbate-81, mineral oil, menthol, triclosan and fragrance.These ingredients are reasons for concern for those who are trying to eliminate some of the chemicals in the beauty products that they use.

Here's a breakdown of "Sulfur 8 " ingredients:

Petrolatum and mineral oil - has had concerns regarding its ability to block hair follicles therefore robbing moisture from the hair and causing dryness.

Menthol - A herbal compound that is useful in stimulating hair growth. It is also good for eczema, dandruff and psoriasis.

Triclosan - Is an anti-bacterial that raises some concerns regarding over exposure to antibiotics.

Sorbitan trioleate - Preservative in cosmetics that can cause skin irritation.

Polysorbate -81 - Another perservative that can cause reproductive and neurotoxic effects.

If you can get past the chemicals, you have a hair preparation that will probably help promote growth. However, for those who object, it is always best to make your own.

Many of the natural ingredients: menthol and sulfur, can be purchased at a health food store. They can then be added to natural oils such as olive oil, shea butter or castor oil to make a really healthful, growth promoting hair treatment.

Sulfur 8 is a range of hair care products

Sulfur 8 is a range of hair care products consisting of shampoos, conditioners, hair oils and braid butters used by people of African descent with highly textured hair. Sulfur 8 is useful in preventing seborrheic dermatitis and lice. It heals and relieves itchy scalps, while conditioning to aid hair growth. Sulfur 8 ingredients include 2 percent active sulfur, inactive lanolin, petrolatum, mineral oil and menthol.

Braids offer an attractive alternative to loose hairstyles, and can act as a protective style, giving your hair a break from everyday styling. If you neglect to keep your scalp oiled and lubricated, it can become dry and flaky. The Sulfur 8 Original Formula, although effective as a conditioner, is too heavy to use on braided styles. In such cases, you can use the Braid Spray. It's not only useful in treating braided hair, Sulfur 8 Braid Spray helps keep locked and twisted hairstyles healthy. A Cosmetic Bay review suggested that Sulfur 8 Braid Spray could help prevent split ends from forming while removing braids and extensions. Sulfur 8 Braid Spray is also excellent at keeping dandruff at bay. The light conditioner softens and moisturizers your hair, to keep it hydrated, well groomed, soft and bouncy.

A clean scalp is vital for healthy hair and sustained growth and Sulfur 8 Shampoo provides the perfect cleansing tool for highly textured hair. This rich, deeply cleansing shampoo is ideal in removing oil, dirt and debris from deep within the pores of your scalp. Like the other Sulfur 8 products, Sulfur 8 Shampoo prevents dandruff and excessive flaking. The Children's Shampoo and Conditioner formula is gentle enough to use on infant and children's delicate hair and scalp, between the ages of 2 and 12, without causing irritation. The shampoo cleanses without stripping away your hair's natural oils, and is perfect for all textures, leaving hair feeling soft and manageable.

Texas Beauty
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214 432 4251

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Daily Care

African Gold Leave in Conditioner
Excellent for any styled hair. It penetrates and conditions your hair and protects it from hot irons, blow-dryers. It is excellent for wrapping, sculpting, molding and roller setting. Leaves hair soft, manageable and healthier looking. Rinse hair and towel dry. Apply leave in conditioner, massage and comb through hair. Do not rinse. Set, wrap, blow-dry, sculpt or mould as desired.

Conditioner / Hair Dress
Conditions as it gives body and sheen to the hair and scalp. A staple as a moisturizer and conditioner - a little goes a long way.

African Gold Coconut Oil Conditioner
Gives your hair a beautiful luster, at the same time helping to prevent dryness, breakage and split ends. A special moisture resistant formula with a pleasant fragrance. Gently massage a small amount into the hair and scalp.

Blue Magic Bergamot Hair & Scalp Conditioner
Prevents dry itchy scalp which helps control dandruff. Blue Magic Bergamot is an effective conditioner in all kinds of weather; therefore, it helps prevent hair breakage.

African Castor Hair & Scalp Conditioner
Helps keep hair lustrous and natural looking. The special non-greasy formula promotes healthy hair and scalp and prevents dry, dull hair and flaky itchy scalp. Regular use prevents breakage. Use daily before styling hair.

Conditioners and Rinses

African Gold Hair & Scalp Spray
A special formulation of African botanical ingredients that strengthen hair, stop breakage and split-ends and add a natural shine. An ideal moisturizer for hair and scalp, its special non-greasy formula soothes the scalp and is ideal after any chemical treatments and for the whole family. For best results use daily. Spray a small amount into the hair as needed. Massage into scalp. Style as usual.

African Gold Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion
Restores the proper oil and moisture content to your hair. It quickly penetrates, leaving your hair well conditioned and protected with a high sheen. It contains lanolin, vitamin B5 and wheat germ oil. Protects hair from blow-dryers, hot curling and chemicals. Before blow-drying or hot curling, massage into the hair. Comb through from roots to ends. Style as usual.

Pink Oil Sheen & Instant Moisturizer
Helps relieve dryness, prevent split ends and hair breakage.

Sulfur 8 Oil moisturizing lotion
An extra light non greasy, oil moisturizing hair lotion that is designed for daily use. Effectively controls dandruff and itchy scalp.

Worlds of curls - Available in Regular Spray & Extra Dry Hair spray
Comb out conditioner & oil sheen moisturizer. The comb out, conditioner & oil sheen moisturizer contains an extraordinary blend of lanolin enriched oils that immediately softens & conditions hard to manage hair in natural styles cold waves, relaxed hair, braids & as a detangler for all types of hair

African Gold Braid Sheen Spray
Excellent for natural and synthetic hair. The special formulation of botanical ingredients will strengthen hair, stop breakage and split ends and moisturizes braids. A non-greasy formula that includes a "lint repellant". It conditions, shines, softens and moisturizes natural and synthetic hair. Spray a small amount into the hair, massage into the scalp. Style as usual. For best results use daily.

African Gold Cholesterol Conditioner
Deep conditions the hair for a healthy vibrant look. Brings life to dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. Helps de-tangle hair and prevents breakage and split ends. Shampoo thoroughly then massage a generous amount evenly through the hair, leave for 2 minutes and repeat for a double conditioning.

Blue Magic Cholesterol Conditioning Rinse
An after shampoo conditioner that, when rinsed out of the air, leaves it softer, shinier and more vibrant. It contains Cholesterol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a triple conditioning effect. Regular usage of the product will prevent hair breakage, brittleness and split ends. It is an outstanding hair detangler.


A scalp massage is invigorating, relaxing and perfect for easing tension. It encourages the massage oils to penetrate the scalp to increase the blood supply’ enhance hair growth and shed dandruff. A tight scalp becomes more pliable after a good massage. Greater blood circulation to hair roots is encouraged.

If your hair has been straightened, relaxed, permed, colored or blow dried, you have weakened your hair fibers and they can easily break off. A hot oil treatment is a beneficial deep moisturizing treatment. It helps hair to become more flexible, less likely to break, stronger, shinier. Apply oils before you shampoo. To heat the oil, place the bottle into comfortably warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Using a cotton ball, distribute the oil to the hair near the roots then comb through until all hair, ends and temples are lightly coated. Wrap your head in a warm damp towel or a conditioning cap for 15 to 20 minutes. Your hair and scalp will absorb what is needed. Rinse with cool water.

Important to achieve health for your hair and scalp is shampooing. Infrequent cleansing leaves dirt, grime and perspiration to dry and discolor hair. Bacteria left on the scalp can cause pimples and rash. Scalp pores become clogged with sebum that blocks and slows hair growth. Your hair should always smell clean and fresh to touch. Black hair will do best with a tangle-free cream shampoo with softeners to prevent hair breakage and maintain flexibility and strength. Shampoo with fresh, clean water. Don’t shampoo while you are in the bath. Bath water contains soap scum, body dirt etc. Begin to shampoo at your scalp with the pads of your fingertips. Massage scalp in a small circular motion. Carefully cleanse each area of your scalp then knead hair with the lather, rinse. Repeat if hair is greasy or scalp feels itchy. Warm water, rather than hot, is recommended because it is gentle to your hair, especially if you have a perm or color treatment.

RINSE well to be sure that no shampoo residue is left to leave hair dull or to attract dust to the hair. Towel dry without pulling or rubbing the hair.

Hair can be sexy

Your hair gives you the image you want to project to the rest of the world. It is the first thing people notice about you. It leaves that lasting impression.

Hair can be sexy. It can be ugly. You can cut it, color, braid, weave, curl, or perm it. You can love it or hate it, either way it’s yours. If you want to make your hair more beautiful, longer and healthier, you can.

Black Afro hair has a unique structure that can cause some problems requiring special treatment. The shape of Afro hair is elliptical with a natural tiny curl. The curl allows moisture to escape from the hair shaft. The natural curls constantly loop into one another, bringing friction and stress to each hair. The elliptical shape prevents natural hair oils secreted by the scalp from traveling down the hair shafts to replace the lost moisture.

This elliptical, curly structure has caused Afro hair to be difficult to manage and easily damaged. Our scalp tends to stay naturally oily, yet our hair is often dry and brittle. If we learn to moisturize properly, these problems are easily overcome and our hair will become more beautiful than we ever believed possible.

Until recently, it was believed that black hair grows slower than the hair of other races. Actually, black hair grows just as fast as any other. The structure of the hair is the cause of the problem. Natural scalp oils that were meant to moisturize are unable to flow down the elliptical shape of the hair. These oils are blocked and remain on the scalp causing clogged roots and dry hair. Our dry hair breaks off easily. Just the heat of a blow dryer, curling iron or pressing comb can badly damage the hair. When we perm we easily cause damage to the weak hair. The clogged hair roots slow down the normal growth rate. To overcome this problem we must:

Shampoo to cleanse the scalp pores so they will not become clogged.

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These products were used back in the day and are still available

Sulfur 8 products not only clean your hair, but also repair your scalp, reduce itch, get rid of dandruff, moisturize, and are great for locks and twists. Safe for braids as well, their products come in a wide assortment of functions and sizes. Many of their products are medicated to scientifically heal your hair.

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Sulfur 8 scalp and dandruff products

Sulfur 8 Gloss 8 with Lanolin PRESSING OIL - 4oz jar


Sulfur8 Anti-Dandruff Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion - 8oz bottle


Sulfur8 Aqua Blue Medicated Dandruff Shampoo - 7.5oz


Sulfur8 Five Star AntiDandruff NonGreasy Hair Grooming - 3.5oz


Sulfur8 FRESH hair and scalp conditioner - 3.8oz jar


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09 January 2012

Natural Hair Academy

NEW YORK, NEW YORK. (Jan. 1, 2012) – Natural Hair Academy founder and popular Youtube vlogger Autumn Black (username: CrownofHisglory) announces January as the month to break free of chemical relaxers or officially, “International Go Natural Month”.

“There’s no better time than the new year to make a commitment to loving your own God-given tresses. The time, season and energy of new beginnings is the perfect climate to make the huge step towards mastering your own mane”, says Black.

Black encourages those brave enough to publicize their journey to natural hair to try out for MTV’s reality show about women ready for their “Big Chop” experience--- a drastic cutting away of chemical relaxed hair--- where Black hopes to serve as resident natural hair expert and growth coach.


About CrownofHisGlory:
CrownofHisglory is a natural hair coach and founder of The Natural Hair Academy. Spreading the good news about growing one’s own natural hair, she passionately produces online video tutorials, webinars, instructional materials and live seminars to educate women on how to grow long and strong healthy hair. She is a popular beauty blogger on Youtube with over 2 million views and 13,500+ enthusiastic subscribers.

About Natural Hair Academy:

Concieved by black hair growth coach CrownofHisglory, Natural Hair Academy exists to provide inspiration and information to curious souls who wish to master their mane through ebooks, online tutorials, live seminars and organic hair products. Natural Hair Academy expects to open the first natural hair care licensing beauty school in 2012.

Only Tools you will ever need:

• Butterfly clips used for
sectioning the hair.
• Comb for parting the hair.
• Flat paddle brush for detangling.
• Plastic Cap.

08 January 2012

Be conscious of what you do to your hair and what you use on it.

Here’s An Easy Way to Keep This Chemistry In Mind
~~~~~~~ In Summary ~~~~~
Regarding Protein Based and Moisturizing Based Products:
First Steps: Cleansing the Hair
Shampoo + Protein Product + Dry HeatThe cuticles are lifted, (+) charged protein molecules lay on the surface of the hair. Dry heat helps the protein to bind to the hair.
Next Steps: Conditioning the Hair
Conditioner + Moisture Product + Wet HeatThe cuticles are lowered, the hair has slip. Wet heat helps the moisture based ingredients penetrate the hair strand.
See how easy that is? The trick is to balance the two, moisture and protein for your particular head of hair!
Now Let’s Do a Recapitulation or Recap!
Don’t ever let someone define your beauty, what you can do or who you can be. When you start getting invited to events at castles, please send me a photo. I would like to live vicariously through you! When you have achievement and success in one area of your life, it often spills over to other areas of your life. Never put internal limitations on who you wish to be. The external world does that far too much as it is.
Understand what makes your hair beautiful and unique. The shape of afro-textured hair plays a big part in how this hair captures and reflects light. The shape of the hair is also responsible for its unique beauty and its fragility. When you are aware and understand how the shape of your hair impacts its health, you can leverage this knowledge and use it to your advantage.
The hair strand is covered with cuticles. Cuticles function like gills on a fish in that they lift and raise and close and shut. Shampoos and cleansers tend to lift the cuticles and conditioners tend to lower and tighten them. At the end of your hair grooming process the goal is to have lowered and closed cuticles.
Processing, coloring, too much heat and poor quality styling implements can damage hair. Be conscious of what you do to your hair and what you use on it.
The secret to gaining length and retaining that length is to preserve and protect the hair strands on your head.
Remember to add moisture to your hair in the form of a water based product. Protein should be used to maintain the structure of the hair strand and to fill in missing or chipped cuticle layers. Remember to balance the use of protein with moisture based products.
Moisture, moisture, moisture should be followed by preserve, preserve, preserve! If you take these steps, you will be well on your way to gaining and retaining length on your afro-textured hair!
Chicoro is the author of, “Grow It! How to Grow Afro-Textured Hair to Maximum Lengths in the Shortest Time”, available today on
(This document is not for sale, or re-sale. Please feel free to copy, forward, email and give away this document to anyone who you think may benefit from the information. Copyright by Chicoro. If this information is reprinted, please cite the source and include the link below. )

07 January 2012

9 reasons

Perms and relaxers have been a long-time favorite of African American women promising silky straight hair for difficult to manage locks, but this beauty regimen comes at a high price – hair breakage, scalp irritation, stunted hair growth, and even permanent hair loss. Discover the top 10 reasons to avoid perms and relaxers and why you should stay away from them at all costs.

We all know there is an obvious difference between ‘black’ hair and other cultures. Some say kinky hair is a gift – you can wear it in so many different ways, but others call it a curse and have made the decision to permanently change the texture of their hair with the use of chemicals. I said permanently because once you add chemical relaxers or perms to your hair it is changed forever. There is no way to get back the natural wave pattern, even if you let the perm grow out. This is why the ‘older generations’ of African American women frown upon relaxing children’s hair. They say it will stunt their hair growth and ruin their hair forever. Well, the same it true for adult hair.

Before we review the top 10 list, let’s talk about the difference between perms and relaxers. A perm makes hair curly. This is also called a “Jerry Curl,” or “texturizer,” and used by African American men and women to create ‘waves’ on a short hair style. A relaxer, straightens the hair transforming the original curl pattern by loosening or relaxing the kinky texture. This is where the evolution of your hair takes place changing it from its original natural state to a lifelong process of having to reapply chemicals to maintain the same look each time causing more damage to your hair.

As odd as it sounds, the relaxer was actually invented by an African American man trying to create a product for a sewing machine shop back in 1910. He wiped his hand on a wool cloth and found that the chemical gave the cloth a smooth appearance. This must have been some kind of strong chemical to turn a cloth into a different texture. Did you know that this is the same chemical used to make drain cleaners to unclog sinks? It is even used to remove fur from animals in the leather making industry. And this is the same chemical that you want to apply to your precious hair? Are you really willing to risk the damage resulting from the use of chemical hair straighteners?

9. Hair Breakage

If you think using no lye relaxers are less damaging than those containing lye, think again. There are two basic types of chemical hair relaxers – Sodium Hydroxide (relaxers containing lye) and Guanidine Hydroxide (relaxers containing no lye). The manufacturers of these products want you to believe that no-lye relaxers will not damage your hair. This is simply not true.
The truth is those stunning pictures you see on the relaxer kits of black women with silky smooth hair are usually individuals who already have a good grade of hair. Don’t be fooled into thinking a mere $10 for a home relaxer kit will give you the same look; it is not that simple. There is only one full proof method to avoid hair breakage from chemical relaxers and that is to avoid them. Relaxers permanently alter the natural pH balance and chemical breakdown of your hair. This process weakens each strand of hair. Hair breakage and scalp irritation are common side effects from relaxing or perming your hair and is not a solution for hair that is damaged despite what you may have heard.

Let’s discuss a natural remedy for hair breakage using egg yolk and olive oil treatment. Applying one egg yolk and two tablespoons of olive oil to your hair while showering and rinsing with a mild shampoo is a home remedy that will help with hair breakage. You can use this remedy once a week and see a decrease in hair breakage. No chemicals, no burns; just positive results.

8. Hair Thinning

Hair thinning is inventible with applying chemicals. What we believe to be improving our hair is actually causing irreversible damage. Many women think leaving the relaxer in a little longer, or ‘getting the edges’ a little straighter by smoothing it down with a fine toothed comb will give them the look they want. Well, the truth is, this overprocessing is causes more damage resulting in thinning hair, especially around the natural hairline. You see women all the time with thinning ‘edges,’ and while there may other logical causes for this, it is a clear sign of the damage chemical hair straightening can cause.

An easy fix is don’t use a chemical agent to try to thicken your thin hair; try oat flour. Two little tablespoons added to your regular conditioner will thicken thinning hair. Oat flour can be found at your local grocery store or health food store and costs far less expensive than over the counter beauty products.

7. Permanent Hair Loss

Permanent hair loss is not uncommon with the use of chemical hair strengtheners. What starts out as a burn and turns into a scab can ultimately end up being a permanent bald spot where your hair does not grow back. This is frustrating, not to mention embarrassing as you try to cover up the unsightly area. Permanent hair loss can also start out with an area of thinning and as time goes on the hair continues to fall out. The likelihood of permanent hair loss is increased with the use of hot combs, curling irons, and hair that is pulled tight by hair rollers.

Instead of applying harsh chemicals, try a natural method to straighten your hair. As crazy at it sounds fresh coconut can gradually straighten those kinky locks without the fear of damaging your hair. You simply blend fresh coconut with lime and refrigerate. This will create a creamy mixture. Rub this on your scalp and cover with a hot towel for about an hour and rinse with a mild shampoo. If you do this three times a week you will notice the kinks start to straighten out.

6. Frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is a result of dry hair. This can be caused by a number of things – lack of moisturizer, infrequent or too frequent washing, lack of conditioning, or use of a perm or relaxer. Black hair does not take well to overconditioning. It can leave the hair flat and unable to hold a curl. Perms and relaxers do not help with frizzy hair; they only add to the problem creating dry brittle ends that lead to hair breakage. Flat irons and hair curlers only add to the problem.

Let’s go with a natural method to prevent the frizzies. Create a rinse of apple cider or vinegar and lemon (1 ounce to 1 quart of water). Since acidity helps restore the ph balance and tames the hair shaft by closing the cuticle, applying after shampooing is a natural way to get rid of frizziness without damaging your hair. The best thing about this remedy is that you probably already have it in your kitchen.

5. Scalp Irritation/Burns

Leaving perms and relaxers on too long can case scalp irritation or burns. The problem is only worsened by using additional products containing alcohol such as hair gels or sprays. Alcohol-containing hair products can aggravate the affected area causing slow healing, further irritation, or permanent scalp damage.

Treating scalp irritation should include removing dirt and oil from the affected area with a gentle shampoo and conditioning the hair. Applying antiseptic ointment to the area will help the healing process. Remember not to scratch or further irritate the area.

4. Split Ends

Your hair is made up of layers. The outer layer protects the hair shaft. When layer of protection is damaged with the use of chemical relaxers this causes the ends of your hair to split. This damage can travel up the hair shaft and cause hair breakage resulting in damaged uneven hair. Some say just trim the ends, but the truth is, perms and relaxers actually promote split ends. They dry the ends of your hair and wear down the protective layer. While trimming your hair is recommended with or without a perm, think of how much hair you are destroying each time you get a perm or even a touch-up. If you are trying to grow your hair long, you are fighting a losing battle with the use of chemicals.

3. Dry Brittle Hair

We all know that chemicals dry out your hair. This is not a secret. The makers of these hair products try to sell a dream and too many African American women buy into it to the tune of billions of dollars each year being spent. As their pockets get bigger, more and more consumers end up with damaged hair. This only means more money in their pockets as they (the companies) advertise different remedies to help restore the damage that their products have caused in the first place.

Not everyone has bought into this pipe dream though; many African Americans are going back to their natural roots with dreadlocks and natural kinky twist hair styles. Even the ‘afro’ has made a come back and it looks stunning. You need to know that chemicals do not repair dry brittle hair; they create it. If going straight is a must for you there are natural ways to get this look without applying chemical hair straighteners.

2. Scalp infection

Scalp infection as a result of perms and relaxers not so uncommon. There are several cases where consumers have filed lawsuits against the manufactures after using their products. In fact, some women are left with permanent bald spots due to scalp infection after the use of chemical hair straighteners requiring medical treatment. This is not the look that you want to achieve with the use of chemical straighteners; however, it may very well be the end result.

1. Respiratory (Breathing)/Gastrointestinal (Stomach) Problems

As strange as it sounds respiratory problems can occur from using perms and relaxers. Potassium hydroxide, also called ‘potassium lye’ is a very strong chemical and inhaling the chemical may cause coughing, sneezing, and breathing problems. If exposed to for long periods it is strong enough to cause damage to your lungs.

Ingesting potassium hydroxide can be equally damaging resulting in burns to the mouth and/or throat, vomiting, severe stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and even death.

The effects of using perms and relaxers sound dangerous and it is; not just to your hair but to your overall health. Imagine something you apply to your hair having so many side effects – is having straight hair really worth the risk?

While the pictures of silky shiny straight hair are enticing, the health risks are overwhelming and not advertised nearly as much as they should be. Hair breakage, going bald, stunted hair growth, scalp infection, thinning hair, respiratory and GI problems – seems like a big price to pay for having straight hair. Consider natural alternatives to hair straightening or even going natural with braids, twists, or locks. Look good and feel good inside and out without the risk of permanent hair damage from the use of perms and relaxers.

YouTube's Top 5 Natural Hair Care Vloggers

If you're not completely satisfied with the condition of your hair, now may be the perfect time to consider a change. You'll be in good company because in the last few years, a hair revolution has opened more black women's eyes to the beauty of their natural hair. The New York Times recently reported that "many women with Afro-textured hair have not seen it in its unadulterated state since childhood," and CNN noted the fascination with touching black hair in its natural state.

More women are ditching their relaxers to groom and accept their natural locks, boosting the popularity of black hair-care advice forums and outlets in the process.

There's a plethora of knowledge afforded to you by way of books like The Science of Black Hair and online forums like Black Hair Media. But if seeing is believing, watch these five YouTubers. They are some of the most popular natural hair vloggers because of their sound advice and personalities.

"Originally, I went natural at 16 years of age, in the late 1990's," Vlogger Vanisha Sapp, aka African Export, said. "I admired and saw myself in those women who wore what is now called a "TWA" an acronym for teeny weeny Afro. To me they were radiant, confident and beautiful...I wanted to imitate that. Now I am that woman I admired. YouTube allowed me to share my hair frustrations, personal breakthroughs and encourage women."

Check out all of the channels to see which one best helps you learn how to groom your virgin hair and create a variety of modern styles to leave the retro Afros in the 1970s.

06 January 2012

Black Castor Oil

Stimulates hair follicles to promote hair growth
Conditions, softens and adds sheen
Prevents itching
Improves the texture of hair
Helps to maintain and grow kids' hair
Use to remove adhesive and weave
Pre poo for Natural Hair
and Relaxed hair

Ingredients: Proprietory blend of vegetable carrier oil and essential oils in a 100% Pure Castor Oil base, Sunflower Seed oil, Tea Tree oil, and Vitamin E oil. Free of preservatives, artificial color, fragrance, mineral oil, parabens, petroleum.

04 January 2012

Curly Hair in Black and White - - Natural Hair Care Tips and Information

Curly Hair in Black and White - - Natural Hair Care Tips and Information

Hair by design

Hair by design

Hair Styles and Designs

The top African Natural Hair Care

The top African Natural Hair Care Products Suggestions For Long Wholesome Hair I hope these are beneficial to you personally.
Watch the Heat

Ensure that your hair has been freshly washed and conditioned just before using a heated styling device. Do not redo your hair mid-week if it frizzes up. This could cause harm due the build up of styling goods and dirt in your hair
Get a break from your warmth! Retain extra of one's hair duration by styling your hair with warmth totally free types like braid outs, French rolls, and buns.

Correct Bed Time Treatment
Don't visit bed without having wrapping your hair or pinning it up. Remember to put on a scarf to maintain your hairstyle and keep your hairline sleek.
Generally detangle your hair before bedtime. Bear in mind to make use of a wide-tooth comb. This will make it even less difficult to model your hair within the morning.
Use an oil or serum in your hair ends at night. Do that just before rolling your hair or wrapping it in the scarf. Your hair will retain moisture and it is going to assist you to to carry a better curl.

Standard Upkeep
Do not go longer than per week without washing your hair. A popular myth among African American ladies is not to wash your hair an excessive amount of because it will lead to dryness. Much from your reality. Water will keep your hair moisturized and clear. Having a clean scalp and hair will advertise hair growth. And it smells much superior!
Relying on the wellness of the hair, you'll want to get your ends trimmed just about every 2-6 months. Begin using this suggestion immediately. It is a superb start off to your healthful hair journey.
Deep conditioning need to be carried out at least just about every other week using the heat of the hooded dryer. The heat will assist the conditioning penetrate. Use a protein deep conditioner when per month to reinforce your hair.
This record of African American hair care suggestions must help you began on your journey to more healthy and longer hair.

Article Source:

About the Author: I've one 1 child her name is Alicia and she is two,five year olds. She includes a nanny to care for her and I can concentrate on my position and I can discover what I like. My husband has his very own enterprise, he is promoting air fragrances, car air fragrances. Sometime I’m assisting him to build the marketplace., african natural hair care products

nutrient-rich foods

The best way to reset your eating habits after the holidays is to stock your fridge with fresh, nutrient-rich foods that give you energy and improve your mood. Here’s Joy’s list of the top five:


These beans are filled with high-quality vegetarian protein and fiber, which boost energy and mood. They’re inexpensive and they cook up in 30 minutes or less. Joy suggests making large pots of lentil soup or lentil chili so you can freeze the leftovers.


Toss some Brussels sprouts on a baking sheet, add olive oil and salt, and then bake until they're crispy. We have no doubt they will become your favorite veggie. Added bonus: They're only 55 calories per cup and they help fight cancer and boost memory.


One egg white has only 17 calories and is 100% pure protein, which helps to slightly rev up our metabolism. Make an omelet or a frittata— use two to three egg whites for each whole egg. Hard boil an egg, pop out the yolk and replace it with a scoop of hummus for a power snack.


Keeping bags of frozen raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries on hand is a perfect way to make sure you still get antioxidants, especially during the winter months when fresh fruit is hard to come by. Eat them right out of the bag, add them to cereal, or make delicious smoothies.


Hot peppers can suppress your appetite and rev up your metabolism. If you like spicy food, add them liberally to your scrambled eggs, stews, ore even tuna or chicken salad.

Do you have any healthy eating suggestions to start the New Year off right? Let us know and post them on our Facebook wall. For more health and beauty advice, check out and follow Joy on Twitter at @joybauer.

Hair Care Products

Be sure to check the ingredients on your hair products. The ingredients that you should avoid are: sulfate, alcohol, mineral oil and petroleum. If your hair products contain any of these, you should stop using it IMMEDIATELY!
Petroleum and mineral oil clog your pores. They also cause dryness on the scalp, making it unable to absorb moisture and your hair will be prone to additional damage. If your moisturizer contains mineral oil or petroleum, switch to one without these ingredients. The moisture must get to the cortex, the source of dry hair. Mineral oil and petroleum only lie on the surface of the hair and prevent moisture from penetrating. Avoid moisturizers containing protein, which can cause excessive dryness.
When choosing a shampoo, do NOT choose a conditioning shampoo. When conditioners are added to the shampoo, the conditioner can interfere with the shampoo’s ability to adequately clean the hair. The dirt you are attempting to remove may be left on the hair as a result.
Do NOT invest in hair care products containing vitamins. The external application of vitamin products to your hair is of no value, because hair is dead. The papilla located at the roots inside the head controls hair growth. Any vitamins that are applied to the hair shaft instead of the roots – where growth is controlled – are a waste of time and money. However, daily doses of vitamins and minerals help to maintain healthy hair. They are essential for beautiful hair growth. Including nutritional supplements in your diet is certainly one way to assure yourself that you are getting the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs for growing longer, healthier hair.
If you are interested in using a hair polish to add gloss to your hair, make sure it contains the following ingredients: Dimethecone and Cyclomerhicone. These two ingredients smooth the cuticle and add a non-greasy sheen to the hair. Keep in mind that the hair polish doesn’t have the same benefit as a moisturizer (it does NOT moisturize the hair!).
Aphogee Protein Treatment should only be used if you have SEVERE breakage. After the treatment is used, be sure to follow up with a good moisturizer. Aphogee offers a moisturizer, but it is not the best for dry hair. We need oils to lubricate our hair – especially after a protein treatment, and Aphogee moisturizer does not provide us with the necessary oils.
If you have a dry itchy scalp, select a shampoo that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate or its relative, sodium laureth sulfate; both are known irritants to the skin and found in most shampoo products.

Interesting Facts
Trimming your ends does NOT produce growth. Hair grows from the scalp, not the ends. The ends are what you need to keep attached to your hair in order to obtain length. Instead keep your ends conditioned and moisturize them every day.
Research shows that air drying dry hair is the best drying method for hair because the moisture just added to it by washing and deep conditioning will not be immediately depleted by intense heat.
Dry hair needs intensive conditioning. You must deep condition your hair with a good conditioner to keep the hair you have, and to encourage more hair to grow.
Co-washing is when you wash your hair with conditioner ONLY.

 Co-washing does NOT wash your hair! Would you put lotion all over your body in the shower instead of soap? Frequent cleaning of dry hair is necessary, because we must use hair products daily to help replace lost moisture. Also, keep in mind that over conditioning can make your hair limp and unable to style.
A deep conditioner should be washed out of your hair. Leaving it in all day could dry out your hair. Protein causes the hair to harden and should not be left on the hair continually. Use the conditioner with heat to provide the BEST benefit for the hair.
Dry hair needs to be washed about every three days, or at least once a week. When starting this hair care program it is important to deep condition the hair each time you shampoo to help get it in the best condition possible.
The signs of damaged hair are: a lack of shine, split or frizzy ends, dryness and excessive breakage. A good conditioner can help correct these problems.
Organic products don’t automatically mean better products. Organic products contain chemicals. Using something labeled organic or natural doesn’t mean allergic reactions or other problems are eliminated.
There are no cosmetic products developed to date that will permanently change hair thickness. However, there are products that will help improve hair texture temporarily and many products offer appropriate and effective solutions under many circumstances.
Each hair strand has a life cycle of two to seven years. Hair falls out to make room for new hair and the cycle starts again.
Using rubber bands to pull hair back can tear or rip hair. However, covered or fabric bands and most plastic clips and barrettes are harmless to hair when used properly. It’s the pulling of hair that is most damaging, not the use of products like these.
80% of the African American population has dry hair.
Studies show that 35% of African Americans are now wearing their hair chemical-free and that number is rapidly increasing.

How often do I really need to shampoo?

and other questions...

The experts interviewed for this story told WebMD that you should shampoo at least every 14 days, but every seven to 10 days is recommended.

"I often have to explain to clients that African-American hair needs to be washed regularly," says West Hollywood stylist Kim Kimble, who has worked with Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Kerry Washington, and Vanessa Williams.

"Bacteria can grow on the scalp without regular cleansing and that's unhealthy," says Kimble, who has a line of products called Kimble Hair Care Systems.

Many women are worried about stripping the hair of moisture when they wash (in addition to the time-consuming ordeal of styling). LaVar suggests lathering with a moisturizing shampoo designed for normal or dry hair and following with a moisturizing conditioner.
Why does my hair keep breaking?

When you sap moisture from the hair, it loses suppleness and is more susceptible to breakage, LaVar says. Because African-American hair is naturally dry, it needs supplemental moisture to stand up to styling.
LaVar tells her clients to avoid products designed for limp hair. Ingredients that add body can actually strip oils and remove moisture, she says.

The experts also suggest wrapping your hair in a satin scarf or bonnet before bed to help your hair retain moisture. Cotton fibers in your pillowcase will wick away hydration.

Are there any moisturizers that don't feel greasy?

"If the product feels greasy, it's probably not adding moisture inside the hair," LaVar tells WebMD. "You need a penetrating conditioner with lightweight oils that are absorbed rather than sit on top of the hair."
Why is the hair around my temples thinning?

Braids are usually the culprit, experts tell WebMD. Tight or aggressive handling of the hair causes traction alopecia, a form of hair loss, Taylor says.

Plus, the weight of braids can stress the hair follicles and cause hair to fall out as well, Kimble notes.

Thinning can also be a result of hormone changes, genetics, or a health condition, so you should see a doctor as soon as you notice a change in your hair growth or texture.
Are at-home relaxers safer than salon versions?

The short answer: No. "One of the most common mistakes I see is over-processing," LaVar says. And women have the misconception that no-lye relaxers are safer or that leaving a relaxer on longer helps it work better.

"You just need to relax the curl enough to break up the wave," she says. Leaving it on longer leads to more damage, LaVar notes.

"I don't advocate people doing relaxers at home," LaVar says. The other experts interviewed for this story agree, saying that the strong chemicals need to be applied properly -- without overlapping the last chemical treatment -- and rinsed completely.

Without a professional application, you may cost yourself more in the long run if you develop hair damage that needs repair.

03 January 2012

A good routine for Natural Hair care

1) DETANGLE & TWIST: I remove as many tangles and shed strands as possible before wetting my hair. Then I put it into twists, then detangle a little more.

2) RINSE : I do a really good water rinse before applying shampoo

I like to unravel the twist one at a time and work with one section of loose hair. Sometimes I use a Denman brush during the conditioning step.

4) FINAL RINSE: After conditioner has been applied to all of the twists, I rinse the conditioner out of the twists without unraveling them.

Once I'm done with the final rinse to the twists I apply a leave-in and then allow my twisted hair to air dry. Sometimes I also may blow-dry my hair instead.

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Natural Hair Service


Styling 100% human hair Tree braid plaits, DO NOT GO BALD BEFORE YOU GROW OLD. Premium Natural Hair Beauty Centre.,­

December 2011

Ms B and I started our Journey Dec 2011 we will see where we are in March 2012 and every three months after my hai is appox 4 inches in length but I have glaring bald spots and fine hair in other spots it's not thick like I would like and it breaks of easy.

Once upon a time I had hair I loved 1992

Me with yarn braids 2010

Grow Black Hair – Why Has it Been So Difficult to Do

Are you one of the people who believe that it is hard to grow black hair? This is the all time most horrendous misconception. First I have to ask you, are you breathing? Do you eat? Are you sleeping, drinking water and able to move? Do your nails grow at all? Well then if you answered yes to these questions than you have to do yourself one massive favor.

You have to make the promise to eliminate that awful belief that it is hard to grow black hair or that black hair does not grow. Hair grows, but the problem and need to grow black hair is the lack of education.

Everything You Know About Your Hair or How to Grow Black Hair is Wrong

Does that statement come as a shock to you? Well if it weren’t true then your hair would be a lot longer and you would not be in need of information to grow out your hair. So it’s fair to say that this statement is true not only for you but most women. If it were not true then there would not be a problem.

There is a whole community of lies about our hair and how to grow black hair but when you really put those lies under the microscope you will realize that they have no sound value.

If you Want to Grow Black Hair then…
•In order to grow black hair you should not wash it more than twice a week. Eeeck!!! Can we say gross and unhealthy scalp!!
•If you want to grow black hair you should not wash it too often but you can clean the scalp by applying witch hazel on a cotton swab to clean the scalp. Oh good grief!! This is so bad.
•Only a relaxer will help you grow black hair!!! And for those natural girls, “going natural is the only way to grow black hair!” What!? Keeping your hair natural or relaxed is a style choice and has nothing to do with the ability of your hair to grow very long.
•In order to grow black hair you must use black hair care products. What are black hair care products anyway? If it means products that have the words black hair care on the label or products with a black girl on the cover then you are wrong again. Besides 99% of the products are not even created by one person who is black.
•Grease and pomades designed for black hair can grow your hair longer. The companies create those products don’t give a damn about your need to grow your hair healthy. Their only aim is to create a nicely packaged container with a false promise but secretly there are ingredients that throw you hair off balance so you are always in the loop of needed more of their products all the while nothing of value is happening to your hair.In order to grow black hair you have to re-educate yourself about what is need and how your will should respond for faster healthy growth.
Would you like to learn the secret to the perfect combination of ingredients and techniqes that can dramatically increase your hair so it grows like weeds? Visit Here:

Vinegar rinse instructions

Vinegar rinse helps dissolves toxins that clog your follicles. The acids, enzymes combine with herbal extracts and
essential oils to eliminate harmful pathogens that cause hair loss. Shampoo alone is not enough.
Our vinegar rinse treatment dissolves this barrier of residue that builds up on your hair and scalp. Your scalp and hair
will feel and become healthier as it starts to breathe and rejuvenate itself to promote new growth.
Vinegar Shampoo Rinse Used For Decades To Cure
Alopecia, Hair Loss, Baldness. Promotes Fast Grow Hair
Use each fifteen days or as needed to remove build up and to maintain your scalps health. Shake well.

After shampooing your hair, apply an adequate amount to your scalp. Massage your scalp gently.

Leave the rinse on for one to three minutes and then rinse well with warm water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar clarifies and restores shine, while rich aloe vera restores your hair's natural pH balance. A
must-have for anyone with processed hair, this organic rinse is also perfect if you use multiple styling products or
subject your hair to a lot of heated styling irons.

Remove buildup and environmental residue with this blend of herbs and organic apple cider vinegar. Softens hair
without stripping and restores pH balance. Great as a post-chemical process treatment to seal in color or curls. Use
weekly as a treatment to rid your hair of dulling buildup.

We're not born with damaged hair. As children, we had beautiful, baby-soft, insanely shiny hair.
But as we got older, many of us began subjecting our hair to a lot of abuse. Alcohol-based hair sprays, chemical
processes, blow dryers, and styling irons all cause tremendous damage. But don't reach for a hair conditioner full of
synthetic chemicals just yet.

The last thing that you need to do is add any more chemicals to your hair!
Instead, nourish it with intense natural conditioners like jojoba and sesame seed oil. Essential oils like ylang ylang,
rosemary, and lavender will restore your hair's luster and prevent premature hair loss.

JustNatural's Daily Intensive Hair Care Oils are your first step in the battle to restore the beautiful hair that you were
born with. But be warned - hair this gorgeous can be addictive! Don't blame us if you get caught touching your hair all

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01 January 2012

Transitioners & Natural Hair Care

If your hair grows up and out to the sky, or simply frames your face in a tight, explosion of curls, coils, and kinks-- you'll also find valuable information for healthy hair maintenance in The Science of Black Hair : A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care.

The Science of Black Hair celebrates the black hair form in its natural state and provides critical information for improving the health and appearance of textured hair in this state. While natural hair avoids some of the basic hair trauma and pitfalls associated with chemical relaxers, curly, kinky, and coily fibers have a unique set of maintenance issues. From basic transitioning strategies and newly natural tips, to advanced natural hair care methods and techniques-- The Science of Black Hair addresses the gamut of natural hair concerns.


Hairdrenalin Potion: my take on it

The latest hair craze on youtube and the hair forums is the Hairdrenalin potion which claims to grow 6 plus inches of hair in 4 months. Created by youtuber OhValerieMonCherie, everyone is jumping all over this bandwagon. She makes and distributes the potion at but also provided details on the ingredients and how to make it on her youtube channel.
•Castor Oil - thickens and strengthens hair
•Cayenne Pepper - stimulates the scalp
•Black Tea - prevents shedding
•Onion Seed Oil - adds special nutrient which makes growth run rapid
•Garlic Seed Oil - promotes optimal growth
•Biotin - fuels hair growth
I have to admit that when I first saw it, I too was ready to buy or make it. I’d already started looking for garlic and onion seed oil and breaking open the box of tea; but then I stopped to really think about it and I realised a couple of things.
1.The ingredients are definitely kosher and will do what they claim but most women on a hair journey are already using them in some form or another in their regimen; I know I am.
2.In its current format, it’s entirely too expensive for me to make or buy.
3.The main selling point of this potion is that it manages to combine most if not all of the leading growth aids currently being used into one nifty and convenient potion.
Point 3 made me decide to go ahead and try this growth aid but point 1 and 2 made me realise that I could make it myself but I would need to tweak it slightly. Castor oil and Cayenne pepper are must haves and are pretty easy and cheap to source, in fact I already have loads at home. I also decided to include JBCO as it’s more potent than regular castor oil.

Black tea is another easy one but OhValerieMonCherie’s process of infusing it into the castor oil is way too time consuming for me; so I went looking for alternatives. Black tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant and it’s the high tannin content in teas which helps reduce shedding. Luckily you can buy Tea Seed oil, which is oil extracted from the seed of the Camellia Sinensis plant. I also decided to include a botanical infusion which I have at home already. It is a blend of Green, White and Red Tea extract in Sweet Almond Oil (black tea is referred to as red tea in the Eastern culture).

Onion seed oil is ridiculously expensive to buy but I discovered that it is included because of its high sulphur levels. Sulphur is already proven to accelerate hair growth and is a popular growth aid for many. Because this is an oil based product, I decided to use sublimed sulphur rather than MSM which is water soluble. It’s a yellow powder which smells like hellfire and brimstone. This is something I also have at home.

Garlic seed oil is another expensive oil but after some research, I discovered that it is the most antimicrobial and antiseptic of all essential oils. It basically ensures that the scalp stays bacteria and fungal free. I already use Miconzole Nitrate on my scalp for this purpose but in order to soup up the potion I decided to use Neem oil in place of Garlic seed oil. Neem is also a very powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent but it smells foul so be warned. You guessed it; I have this at home too!

The last ingredient is biotin and it’s something I’ve never been a huge fan of. I don’t take it internally as I believe I get my daily requirement naturally. I’ve also read too many papers and documents which say that biotin cannot easily be absorbed by the skin or hair and is therefore not suitable for topical application; so I decided to leave it out altogether.

My ingredients list now looks like this and the only thing I've had to purchase is the Tea seed oil:

Castor oil

Jamaican Black Castor oil

Cayenne Pepper

Tea Seed oil

Botanical Tea Infusion

Sublimed Sulphur

Neem oil

I will take a before picture of my hair this weekend when I take my current weave out, then do a growth comparison after my 2nd installation in mid August.

All About Feather Hair Extensions

Author: ClairCarey

Today, we have a brand spanking new hairstyle trend named Feather Hair Extensions. Some popular colors are blue, brown, orange, eco-friendly, plus much more. Women usually love sunlight colors use a contrast look between their head of hair as well as the down. The down can be bought in some different length but generally their length is often 16 inches.

Ways to Wear Feather Hair Extensions?

Essentially, using this new extension style is actually such as regular extensions. Hairstylists usually attach the down to your wearer's hair when using the metal hook. The clip-in hair extensions are easy to remove easily over the individual. If you want to get permanent extensions, you can actually request the professional hairstylists to make use of the permanent one. Extension application may very well be completed rapidly considering that the techniques are easy.

Ways to maintain Feather Hair Extensions?

The feather might last in your hair for 6 to eight days. Throughout that time, you'll be able to shampoo and even curl hair utilizing the curling iron. Essentially, this new extension style does not require additional care. However, it is advisable to eliminate the feather if you wish to style hair using hair merchandise that involves chemical products. Next, you possibly can squeeze down back. You are able to request the professional beautician in order to get more information concerning the proper care.

Where Are You Able To Get Feather Hair Extensions?

Feather hair extensions are popular hair add-ons and you will probably purchase them in the beauty supply stores easily. If you'd like to purchase the down rapidly, buying online is the greatest way. You will find many trusted online retailers sell various feather hair extensions for you personally. They supply various items with assorted colors, length, and price. The price tag on every package usually begins from $16. To getting a product making use of the most inexpensive cost, make sure simply conduct online investigation first. You are able to compare the price from different websites and finally make a choice most abundant in affordable cost. It's not hard to use the internet ever since the operation is not hard. You simply have to shop at home and also the online shop will give you the goods for ones address.

Ways to reduce Feather Hair Extensions?

If supply the salon and request the professional beautician make use of the down, the price could be costly. In order to save your hard earned money, you'll find some methods you can do. First, you can the recorded on your own in the home. To accomplish this project, you don't have to use a great skill in hairstyling. The procedure is fairly simple and also you do not need to spend much money using this. Second, use simple tools like needle-nose pliers to fasten the clamp. Thus it's not necessary to pick the costly tools to implement the gorgeous down.

As of yet, this extension style is easily the most popular hair trend this holiday season. It's ideal for many occasions like evening out or music party. The back down are normally the most used ones for fashion Feather Hair Extensions.

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