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04 January 2012

Hair Care Products

Be sure to check the ingredients on your hair products. The ingredients that you should avoid are: sulfate, alcohol, mineral oil and petroleum. If your hair products contain any of these, you should stop using it IMMEDIATELY!
Petroleum and mineral oil clog your pores. They also cause dryness on the scalp, making it unable to absorb moisture and your hair will be prone to additional damage. If your moisturizer contains mineral oil or petroleum, switch to one without these ingredients. The moisture must get to the cortex, the source of dry hair. Mineral oil and petroleum only lie on the surface of the hair and prevent moisture from penetrating. Avoid moisturizers containing protein, which can cause excessive dryness.
When choosing a shampoo, do NOT choose a conditioning shampoo. When conditioners are added to the shampoo, the conditioner can interfere with the shampoo’s ability to adequately clean the hair. The dirt you are attempting to remove may be left on the hair as a result.
Do NOT invest in hair care products containing vitamins. The external application of vitamin products to your hair is of no value, because hair is dead. The papilla located at the roots inside the head controls hair growth. Any vitamins that are applied to the hair shaft instead of the roots – where growth is controlled – are a waste of time and money. However, daily doses of vitamins and minerals help to maintain healthy hair. They are essential for beautiful hair growth. Including nutritional supplements in your diet is certainly one way to assure yourself that you are getting the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs for growing longer, healthier hair.
If you are interested in using a hair polish to add gloss to your hair, make sure it contains the following ingredients: Dimethecone and Cyclomerhicone. These two ingredients smooth the cuticle and add a non-greasy sheen to the hair. Keep in mind that the hair polish doesn’t have the same benefit as a moisturizer (it does NOT moisturize the hair!).
Aphogee Protein Treatment should only be used if you have SEVERE breakage. After the treatment is used, be sure to follow up with a good moisturizer. Aphogee offers a moisturizer, but it is not the best for dry hair. We need oils to lubricate our hair – especially after a protein treatment, and Aphogee moisturizer does not provide us with the necessary oils.
If you have a dry itchy scalp, select a shampoo that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate or its relative, sodium laureth sulfate; both are known irritants to the skin and found in most shampoo products.

Interesting Facts
Trimming your ends does NOT produce growth. Hair grows from the scalp, not the ends. The ends are what you need to keep attached to your hair in order to obtain length. Instead keep your ends conditioned and moisturize them every day.
Research shows that air drying dry hair is the best drying method for hair because the moisture just added to it by washing and deep conditioning will not be immediately depleted by intense heat.
Dry hair needs intensive conditioning. You must deep condition your hair with a good conditioner to keep the hair you have, and to encourage more hair to grow.
Co-washing is when you wash your hair with conditioner ONLY.

 Co-washing does NOT wash your hair! Would you put lotion all over your body in the shower instead of soap? Frequent cleaning of dry hair is necessary, because we must use hair products daily to help replace lost moisture. Also, keep in mind that over conditioning can make your hair limp and unable to style.
A deep conditioner should be washed out of your hair. Leaving it in all day could dry out your hair. Protein causes the hair to harden and should not be left on the hair continually. Use the conditioner with heat to provide the BEST benefit for the hair.
Dry hair needs to be washed about every three days, or at least once a week. When starting this hair care program it is important to deep condition the hair each time you shampoo to help get it in the best condition possible.
The signs of damaged hair are: a lack of shine, split or frizzy ends, dryness and excessive breakage. A good conditioner can help correct these problems.
Organic products don’t automatically mean better products. Organic products contain chemicals. Using something labeled organic or natural doesn’t mean allergic reactions or other problems are eliminated.
There are no cosmetic products developed to date that will permanently change hair thickness. However, there are products that will help improve hair texture temporarily and many products offer appropriate and effective solutions under many circumstances.
Each hair strand has a life cycle of two to seven years. Hair falls out to make room for new hair and the cycle starts again.
Using rubber bands to pull hair back can tear or rip hair. However, covered or fabric bands and most plastic clips and barrettes are harmless to hair when used properly. It’s the pulling of hair that is most damaging, not the use of products like these.
80% of the African American population has dry hair.
Studies show that 35% of African Americans are now wearing their hair chemical-free and that number is rapidly increasing.

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