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03 January 2012

Grow Black Hair – Why Has it Been So Difficult to Do

Are you one of the people who believe that it is hard to grow black hair? This is the all time most horrendous misconception. First I have to ask you, are you breathing? Do you eat? Are you sleeping, drinking water and able to move? Do your nails grow at all? Well then if you answered yes to these questions than you have to do yourself one massive favor.

You have to make the promise to eliminate that awful belief that it is hard to grow black hair or that black hair does not grow. Hair grows, but the problem and need to grow black hair is the lack of education.

Everything You Know About Your Hair or How to Grow Black Hair is Wrong

Does that statement come as a shock to you? Well if it weren’t true then your hair would be a lot longer and you would not be in need of information to grow out your hair. So it’s fair to say that this statement is true not only for you but most women. If it were not true then there would not be a problem.

There is a whole community of lies about our hair and how to grow black hair but when you really put those lies under the microscope you will realize that they have no sound value.

If you Want to Grow Black Hair then…
•In order to grow black hair you should not wash it more than twice a week. Eeeck!!! Can we say gross and unhealthy scalp!!
•If you want to grow black hair you should not wash it too often but you can clean the scalp by applying witch hazel on a cotton swab to clean the scalp. Oh good grief!! This is so bad.
•Only a relaxer will help you grow black hair!!! And for those natural girls, “going natural is the only way to grow black hair!” What!? Keeping your hair natural or relaxed is a style choice and has nothing to do with the ability of your hair to grow very long.
•In order to grow black hair you must use black hair care products. What are black hair care products anyway? If it means products that have the words black hair care on the label or products with a black girl on the cover then you are wrong again. Besides 99% of the products are not even created by one person who is black.
•Grease and pomades designed for black hair can grow your hair longer. The companies create those products don’t give a damn about your need to grow your hair healthy. Their only aim is to create a nicely packaged container with a false promise but secretly there are ingredients that throw you hair off balance so you are always in the loop of needed more of their products all the while nothing of value is happening to your hair.In order to grow black hair you have to re-educate yourself about what is need and how your will should respond for faster healthy growth.
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