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01 January 2012


Hairdrenalin Potion: my take on it

The latest hair craze on youtube and the hair forums is the Hairdrenalin potion which claims to grow 6 plus inches of hair in 4 months. Created by youtuber OhValerieMonCherie, everyone is jumping all over this bandwagon. She makes and distributes the potion at but also provided details on the ingredients and how to make it on her youtube channel.
•Castor Oil - thickens and strengthens hair
•Cayenne Pepper - stimulates the scalp
•Black Tea - prevents shedding
•Onion Seed Oil - adds special nutrient which makes growth run rapid
•Garlic Seed Oil - promotes optimal growth
•Biotin - fuels hair growth
I have to admit that when I first saw it, I too was ready to buy or make it. I’d already started looking for garlic and onion seed oil and breaking open the box of tea; but then I stopped to really think about it and I realised a couple of things.
1.The ingredients are definitely kosher and will do what they claim but most women on a hair journey are already using them in some form or another in their regimen; I know I am.
2.In its current format, it’s entirely too expensive for me to make or buy.
3.The main selling point of this potion is that it manages to combine most if not all of the leading growth aids currently being used into one nifty and convenient potion.
Point 3 made me decide to go ahead and try this growth aid but point 1 and 2 made me realise that I could make it myself but I would need to tweak it slightly. Castor oil and Cayenne pepper are must haves and are pretty easy and cheap to source, in fact I already have loads at home. I also decided to include JBCO as it’s more potent than regular castor oil.

Black tea is another easy one but OhValerieMonCherie’s process of infusing it into the castor oil is way too time consuming for me; so I went looking for alternatives. Black tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant and it’s the high tannin content in teas which helps reduce shedding. Luckily you can buy Tea Seed oil, which is oil extracted from the seed of the Camellia Sinensis plant. I also decided to include a botanical infusion which I have at home already. It is a blend of Green, White and Red Tea extract in Sweet Almond Oil (black tea is referred to as red tea in the Eastern culture).

Onion seed oil is ridiculously expensive to buy but I discovered that it is included because of its high sulphur levels. Sulphur is already proven to accelerate hair growth and is a popular growth aid for many. Because this is an oil based product, I decided to use sublimed sulphur rather than MSM which is water soluble. It’s a yellow powder which smells like hellfire and brimstone. This is something I also have at home.

Garlic seed oil is another expensive oil but after some research, I discovered that it is the most antimicrobial and antiseptic of all essential oils. It basically ensures that the scalp stays bacteria and fungal free. I already use Miconzole Nitrate on my scalp for this purpose but in order to soup up the potion I decided to use Neem oil in place of Garlic seed oil. Neem is also a very powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent but it smells foul so be warned. You guessed it; I have this at home too!

The last ingredient is biotin and it’s something I’ve never been a huge fan of. I don’t take it internally as I believe I get my daily requirement naturally. I’ve also read too many papers and documents which say that biotin cannot easily be absorbed by the skin or hair and is therefore not suitable for topical application; so I decided to leave it out altogether.

My ingredients list now looks like this and the only thing I've had to purchase is the Tea seed oil:

Castor oil

Jamaican Black Castor oil

Cayenne Pepper

Tea Seed oil

Botanical Tea Infusion

Sublimed Sulphur

Neem oil

I will take a before picture of my hair this weekend when I take my current weave out, then do a growth comparison after my 2nd installation in mid August.

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