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27 November 2009

Top Pick Sweaters

Top Picks - Sweaters for Gift-Giving  from your  Women's Fashion  Guide

Sweaters top most holiday gift lists; make sure your sweater purchase includes some of the most popular styles and colors. When wrapping your sweater gift, fold it neatly and wrap it in a big enough box: sweater knits can get wrinkled otherwise.
1) Tunic Sweater
The only way to pull of leggins and skinny jeans is to pair them with tunics. Longer sweaters (from right below the hip to mid-thigh) can be worn loose or belted.
2) Sweater Coat
Also called a sweater duster or long cardigan, the sweater coat adds lots of style and drama to everyday outfits. This is a great item for career gals who get cold in the office.
3) Fur-collar Sweater
Glamour girls love fur, both real and faux. A beautiful fur-collared sweater frames the face and sparks up any winter outfit.

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