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28 November 2009

Whats Hot... Whats Not... Take a Look! R U Surprised

From the Past Hot Toys
Elmo Tickle Gloves
Hello Kitty
Cabbage Patch Kids
Rubiks Cube
Secret Spies
Monopoly City

Hot Tech Toys
LCD Camera
IPod Nano
EyeClops Camera
Confy Cancorder
Power Mat for (Cell Phone & IPods)
Split Stick Flash Drives
DVD's especially Disney Movies
DJ Hero    it is Not Guitar Hero

Honorable Mention for the Past
Lincoln Logs
Tibker Toys
Splatter Lite
Buzz LightYear Toy Story
Little Mommy
Tool Toys

Top 10 2009
Little Star
Zhu Zhu Hampsters
Mind Flex
Barbie Design Nail Print
Tewwn dora the Explorer
Night Vision Googles
Girl Gourmet
 Crayola Crayon Maker

Sneek Preview 2010
Paper Jam Guitar
Hot locs Dolls
Thumb Wars
ICEE and More Food Item Makers
Electronic Plush Toys
Zhu Zhu Hamsters and accessories

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