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09 March 2012

What are you eating

On average your hair grows 1/2 inch per month. However with that
said, what you eat does play a major roll in your ability to achieve even
more growth.

An average does not mean that this is the full extent. There is
always the opportunity for you to grow your hair longer. Part of
that growth ability depends on a whole lot of factors combined
just right.

One of those key factors is what you eat. You can maximize your
hair growth by committing to add certain things into your diet.
Here are some things that can really boost the growth of your

Nuts – Have a high content of plant protein as well as a lot of
vitamin B. With that said use it in moderation.

Salmon – high in Omega 3, it helps your hair grow softer,
shinier and stronger as well.

Eggs – contain a high amount of protein and truly enhances your
hair growth.

Green Leafy Vegetables – green vegetables are packed with plant
protein, minerals, and lots of vitamin C, which increases cell
renewal creating a strong growth spurge.

Water, water, water – Sure you don’t eater water but it helps
to detox your system and help moisturize your new growth. A
dehydrated body under functions considerability, so drink up for
longer hair.

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