In Our Heads About Our Hair

28 February 2012

When products no longer work...

One thing that I think we can all attest to is finding a product
that you like a lot but after only a few months the product
changes. Your hair no longer responds to the product as it first
did. Many of you complain about this and I know I have.

One reason your hair may be acting up and simply not responding
to the product anymore is that your hair may need a break. Often
times a product may have so many ingredients. Quite a few of
those ingredients may create a seal on the strand. This seal or
coating blocks out moisture from entering the hair causing the
hair to become frizzy and unresponsive to other hair care

Give even your favorite products a bit of a break from time to
time. Find an alternate product to use even for a bit. Also
rebalance the strands by doing an apple cider and water rinse to
remove the excess product build up.

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